The 5 Best Wireless Gaming Keyboards on Earth 2020

1,Razer Turret

Razer makes their first appearance in this guide, and although we were hesitant to include this model due to the lack of extra keys for increased game flow, we still felt it would suit some of you depending on your intended application (and game you plan on playing as well). The first key here as you can see is it’s the first keyboard and mouse combo we have in the guide, so if you needed a new wireless mouse alongside your keyboard you can save some money with this package. Razer considers and coins this a “living room and lapboard” gaming mouse and keyboard, meaning as opposed to using it for a PC or Mac on a standard desk, you can turn that functionality into your lap or on your coffee table if you game in your living room. We’re not sure how many people actually play games on their lap, but we do know a lot of gamers who do so in their living room on a bigger TV or projector, so you can always place it on your stand or table as well.

What we love most about this one is the overall quality of the materials they’ve used — the design is very slim and keys feel nice and sleek. The battery life is apparently up to 4 months on this one for the keyboard, and mouse up to 40 hours of continuous use in case you’re a big gaming binger. Although a bit different from others considered to be the best wireless gaming keyboard, the Razer Turret may be the one for you if you’re into living room gaming, or just want something sleek and versatile on your desk.

2,IOGEAR Kaliber

Here’s an even cheaper alternative to a gaming keyboard and mouse combo, so if you wanted to save some money yet still grab a relatively functional solution to wireless game playing here it is. This one has a wireless length up to 33 ft. and 8 anti-ghosting keys. Another plus is the water and dust proof which, if you’re a human being, have experienced at least one of these problems in the past whether you game or not.

In terms of the mouse, it’s equipped with 7 buttons as well as 3 macro buttons, so even though the keyboard lacks extra key assigning you can do so with your mouse. It has some nice reviews backing up to give us confidence in the buy, and if you were into saving as much money as possible, take a look at the IOGEAR Kaliber as the best budget-friendly and standard wireless keyboard for gaming.


The F1 gives us a rugged and awesome-looking wireless keyboard for gaming, and this too is a mouse and keyboard combo to help us save some money in the long run. We have a nice ergonomic design with this one to help with fatigue, and the mouse also fits quite well in your hand without having to strain it. The mouse also has some DPI adjusting — from 600 to 2000 so you can make sure you’re comfortable (and effective in that game — we all know the importance of sensitivity, although you can also adjust that in your computer’s settings, too).

We also love this one due to the multimedia hot keys to keep our experiences convenient and easy flowing. Combine this with some quick thumb-side buttons as well as an adjustable holder and anti-slip track wheel, this thing is a nice bang-for-your buck. Check out the TENMOS F1 if you need an affordable, solid combo for both a wireless mouse and keyboard for gaming. It looks pretty sweet, too.

4,Logitech MK550

To top off our best wireless gaming keyboard guide, we have yet another Logitech model here to keep us ending strong. This is another keyboard and mouse combo but this one has thousands and thousands of positive reviews to back up our confidence in purchasing it. It’s laser mouse is contoured with a nice rubber grip to help with your control in the game, and there’s also a comfortable cushion rest on the keyboard if that’s what you fancy. What’s best about this one here is the battery life — no changes for up to three years (two years for the mouse)! You have a standard 30 foot range here as long as the receiver is in sight, and lastly (and most importantly) 18 additional programmable keys to help with hotkeys.

We love the Logitech MK550 if you wanted a wireless gaming keyboard and mouse combo with a battery life that doesn’t entail worrying, ever.

5,Eclipse Wireless LiteTouch

The Litetouch is a super cool solution to a wireless keyboard, and when it comes to gaming you may find some good use for it. For one, the overall build of it is quite luxurious, coming with a sleek metal finish, top cabinet as well as a low profile key build they coin “QuietTouch” — little to no noise here, and if you’re like us and are fans of softer and more quiet keys than average, this is a great one. Aside from the build however, the biggest standout and selling point of this pick is their mini touch-sensitive LCD on the right of the keyboard. It’s a 3-in-1 touch panel with extra keys to program, browse the net, access media (navigate TV shows or even music), as well as additional tasks of your computer. We’re not sure how easy this will be if you’re in the middle of some gameplay, but it can work out once you get used to it as well as find a good combination of keys since you can customize the LCD.

If you feel the touch LCD is a nice additional feature, the Eclipse Litetouch is a great wireless gaming keyboard.

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