The 5 PC Games To Play in 2020

1 Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt:
It is considered to be among the top open-world games played by millions across the globe. It features an impressive & unique open-world environment. It is known for its incredible depth like Grand Theft Auto 5 & Skyrim’s unapologetic scale.

2 COD (Call of Duty) – Modern Warfare:
Although not much new is introduced in this installment, it does offer a more mature and darker tone. However, it is involved with some controversy in its campaign mode. Still, you can have a tighter and smoother experience. It is indeed a gorgeous game to indulge in.

Call of Duty

3 Grand Theft Auto 5:
This console game is popularly known as GTA5 & allows you to enjoy the well detailed & interactive Los Santos world. You can enjoy smooth gameplay, rich graphics, and have a thrilling experience.

Call of Duty

4 Dark Souls 3:
Being the latest addition to the Souls series, it does showcase significant improvement, it provides interesting & unique special elements. Although, much easier when compared to its previous titles, you are likely to die several times during the gameplay. To avail in-depth sight of the game’s complex combat system, you need to have immense patience. You can also enjoy fair gameplay.

5 Monster Hunter World:
The game allows you to hunt powerful, big monsters by using much bigger armor. It is also a compelling and rewarding, but highly addictive game.

Monster Hunter World

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